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21 October 2012 @ 02:38 pm
Another year!  
Hey guys!

So, I just wanted to see if there were still people willing to do this - if not, no worries. Last year was a lot smaller and, for once, RL didn't interfere on my end so it hopefully felt like it went a lot smoother for those of you who did this. And if you guys do want another, definitely let me know and I'll make sure to open it up if we have enough to actually do an exchange. If not, then like I said, no worries, I just want to be sure before sign-ups start.

I know it's later than when I usually check this but I really debated on whether to do this again this year and then I figured it'd be better if I just checked to see if anyone wanted to go for it again! :)

Leave a comment letting me know!