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28 December 2011 @ 09:04 pm
Final Gift for hipokras  
Title: New Start
Recipient: hipokras
Author: jaded_slytherin
Rating: PG-13
Characters/Pairings: One you mentioned :) That'll take all of the fun out of it!
Word Count: 6,347
Warnings: All books, even the Epilogue
Summary: Two people, very unlikely people, find comfort in one another.
Author's Notes: Hi sweetie! I hope you like this. Once I read your list, I hoped that I could at least make something good happen. By the icon? I hope that gives you a hint as to who this might be about. For those that read? You'll know within the first few paragraphs who the main pairing is. I just didnt want to ruin it for my giftee. :) Enjoy, Merry (Late) Christmas, sweetie and Happy New Year!!

Quietly, she slipped her legs out from under the duvet cover as she reached down to grab her shirt. Shivering as the fabric hit her skin, she brushed her red hair back over her shoulder as she glanced around, looking for her pants. Ginny frowned, sighing as she licked her lips a moment, trying to think of where they had landed. As she tried to look to the other side, she sighed as she glanced over the body that lay next to her. The sheet barely covered his hips as his hair fell across his face. If she wanted, Ginny might’ve found it comfortable to lie down next to him again. She moved, knelt down on the bed, trying to peak over his body. Leaning, she bit her lip as she tried to see just over the edge of the bed.

“Going for another round, luv?” A smooth, deep voice cut in, causing Ginny to jump slightly and lose her balance. As she fell, she landed on his stomach, causing a rush of air to escape as he tried to laugh, shaking his head, “Easy on the goods, Weasley.” Ginny sighed, shaking her head as her gaze came up to meet the cool, gray gaze of Draco Malfoy.

“You wish, Draco,” she murmured, trying to move off of him. Draco took a second, and immediately, pinned Ginny her back on the bed as he lay on top of her, his hips pressing against hers.

“You called last night, Ginny,” he reminded her, “I didn’t.”

“Right,” she said softly, licking her lips as she took a shallow breath, trying to compose herself despite having Draco pressed against her, “Let’s not go over the reasons why.” Catching him off guard, Ginny pushed Draco off of her as she swung her legs over the opposite side of the bed as she reached down to grab her jeans. Slipping her legs in, she stood up as Draco laid back down, the sheet covering him as it tangled around his legs and he watched her, his hands behind his head.

“Fucking me won’t bring him back, Ginny.” Draco cut in. Ginny paused as she zipped up her pants as she looked down. She felt her stomach drop a second as she looked down, biting the inside of her cheek. Though she could enjoy times with Draco, it was times like this where he rubbed salt in her deep wounds that she wished she could do nothing more than curse him. As the tears started to build up, she blinked them away as she shook her head.

“No, it won’t bring him back,” she started, turning toward him, “But then again, I don’t expect you to replace him.” She paused, watching as she tried to see some sort of emotional reaction, “Ever.” There it was. She saw the normally cool gray eyes flare with anger as Draco sat up.

“Of course not,” he growled, “I can’t be even close to Saint Potter,” he hissed as he put his arms on his knees as he bent them and watched her. Ginny sighed, walking around the room as she tried to gather her things.

“Why do you have to even bring it up, Draco?” She asked, “Why can’t we just leave it at…this?” Draco smirked, shaking his head as he stood up. For a moment, Ginny caught herself staring and she blushed a moment as she looked down and away. When she heard the metal of his belt latching, she looked back up toward him.

“You know damn well I don’t want that, Ginevra.”

“Don’t,” Ginny immediately said, holding up her hand, “Don’t call me that.” She shook her head as she tried to move away as she saw Draco walking toward her. As he reached her, he cupped her face, slowly pushing her back against the wall. Ginny tried to shake her head to move away from him. “Let me go,” She murmured, “Draco, please.”

“No,” he replied. “Ginny, Harry is gone.” He said, “Harry is gone and he’s happy now.” Ginny reached up, pushing Draco away. As he backed away, he shook his head, letting his hands move to his sides, “He’s happy and with Luna – they have a kid for fuck’s sake, Ginny. I may be an ass but even I have my standards. If you’re just doing this to make him jealous, you’ve done that and you’ve pissed him off but that’s not changing shit.”

“Why does it even matter to you?” Ginny asked, finally finding a shoe. She kept looking for her other one, thankful to have found her bra.

“Because, dammit,” he growled, “Astoria was a fucking a bitch and now Scorpius has to deal with coming to my house on weekends and bloody holidays and I know what it does to a family and fuck it all if I’m letting you do it to Harry’s.” Ginny rolled her eyes, sitting down when she found her other shoe as she started to put them on.

“Again,” She started, “Why should you care? You hate Harry.” Draco smirked, shaking his head a second as he rubbed his face with his hands.

“Good God, are all you women this brainless?” He complained, “Honestly, yes, I don’t like Potter but I’ve seen what hate does to people and dammit, as much as I’d like to, I owe him for my life. If he hadn’t have come back for me that night, I wouldn’t be here. And fuck, Ginny, you’re going to take it out on their kid that Potter fell out of love with you?” That was the key phrase, and Draco knew it the second Ginny’s eyes flashed with anger and she got to her feet.

“You miserable bastard,” she hissed.

“Actually no, a bastard doesn’t have a father. Mine’s Lucius Malfoy,” Draco cut in.

“Oh fucki-“

“Language Ginevra,” Draco smiled, “What would Molly say?”

“She’d take back your Christmas invite, that’s for fucking sure!” Ginny yelled out, frustrated. Draco paused, a brow raised as he tilted his head.

“She invited me to Christmas?”

“That’s clearly not the point, now is it, Draco?”

“No, clearly it is because you’re trying to pick a fight with me but you know I’m right, and it clearly bugs the shit out of you that you know I’m right.” He crossed his arms, “And since I’m right, no seriously, Molly invited me to Christmas?” Ginny sighed, shaking her head as she covered her eyes with her hands, resting her elbows on her thighs.

“Yes, she invited you and Scorpius,” Ginny murmured, “But clearly, I will revoke that invite if you even think about insulting Harry or Ron.”

“What would I have to say about Dumb and Dumber?” With a sigh, Ginny glared in Draco’s direction as she shook her head, but slowly a smile appeared. “Ah,” Draco smirked, “Insulting the Boy Wonder and his sidekick the Giant Carrot seems to work.” Ginny smiled, laughing softly as she hit him gently on the arm as Draco pulled her close to him. Gently, he kissed the top of her head as he felt her arms come around his waist.

“I’m sorry Harry hurt you,” he whispered, “But I’m not sorry he fell out of love with you,” he added. That earned him another small punch to the stomach but he laughed a second, pulling away from her for just a moment. As Ginny glanced up to him, she bit her lip and met his eyes.

“Thank you, Draco,” she whispered softly, “I shouldn’t have forced you into this.”

“Forced me into what? Having amazingly hot sex? I’m sorry, I know I’m good but did I hit your head against the headboard too many times?” He teased.


“What? You’re the one getting me involved in this crap!” He asked, laughing a second as he let her go, “Next time? Wake me up before you try sneaking out.” Draco walked toward the bathroom as he waved his wand before walking to his side of the bed, smirking as he leaned down, “What’s this?” He whispered, picking up a pink thong.

“Give me that!” Ginny exclaimed, running toward him as she jumped on the bed.

“Shoes!” Draco teased, laughing as he tucked the thong into his pants pocket. “I think I’ll keep them,” he added, “Afterall, I still need to get you a Christmas gift. This could be a good start,” he winked. “See you later?” Ginny sighed, nodding a second.

“Yeah, come by my place around six? Then we can go to Mum’s.” She whispered, looking down as she hopped off the bed. “Bring Scorpius. We have presents.”

“Presents? You don’t have to, Mum and Father will be giving him plenty of gifts and I have used a sizeable amount of my bonus on his gif-“

“Draco,” Ginny cut in, “The gifts we’ll have for him aren’t usually bought,” She walked toward him as he stood in the doorway of the bathroom. “That’s…what Christmas is about after all. It’s the giving and caring of one another that counts. You’ll be on time?” She asked, leaning forward to kiss his cheek.

“Only if you promise me more of that later,” Draco smirked. Glancing over her shoulder as she turned, Ginny smiled and merely shrugged her shoulders as she gathered her things and disapperated from the room with a loud pop.


“Where are we going?” a young shout came down the hall as Draco, standing in his bathroom, laughed and turned toward his bedroom door to meet the storm of tiny footprints that thundered down the hall. He waited as he saw his six year old son run into the room. Scorpius ran in, coming to an immediate stop as he saw his father standing in the doorway of his bathroom, arms crossed.

“We’re going to a party,” Draco replied, watching his son as he tried to smooth out his hair, which somehow seemed to want to stick up in every direction. Shaking his head, he knelt down, “And I’d like you to be on your best behavior, do you understand?” He asked. Scorpius nodded.

“Yes, Father,” Scorpius replied.

When Scorpius responded with the ‘yes, father’ and shuffled his feet a bit, Draco frowned a second. The last thing he wanted was to have his son have a relationship with him like Draco had with Lucius. It wasn’t that he didn’t love Lucius, but he felt that he could never talk to his father unless it was ‘proper’. Before he could do much thinking about the situation, Draco walked over to Scorpius and picked him up by the waist, turning him upside down as he shook him, causing his son to laugh.

“No!” Scorpius pleaded, “Let me gos!” He giggled, struggling to be let go.

“Give me your cookies!” He demanded, almost growling. Giggling madly, Scorpius shook his head as his father held him upside down for a few moments before tackling him to the bed.

“I don’t have anys!” he exclaimed.

“Yes you do!” Draco pretended, “I know you have them hidden!” Quickly, Draco covered Scorpius with the blankets on his bed, “You will stay till I have them.” He added. Scorpius continued to laugh as he struggled against the blankets and Draco whispered Accio cookies.

When Scorpius finally broke out of the covers, Draco moved and lay down next to him, “Look at what I found.” He said, pointing at the cookies as they came to a stop, floating above them and Scorpius’ eyes widened in hope.

“We can’t…” he started, “Mum said to never eat cookies in bed.”

“We have to eat them,” Draco insisted, “Your Mum said never to eat cookies in your bed, you’re in mine, its okay. Besides, if you don’t, the nargles will get them.” Scorpius shook his head immediately, sitting up a bit to kneel on the bed.

“No!” He exclaimed, “Rose’s Auntie Luna saids that nargles can gets into your brains! They might eat my brains Daddy!”

“Then I suggest eating the cookies,” Draco started, “Because cookies make nargles stronger,” he said, in a very ‘matter of fact’ tone. Scorpius debated his father’s words for a few minutes, nodding as he stroked his chin as his brow furrowed with concentration. Suddenly, he reached up and grabbed the cookies from the air as he took a big bite out of one. Holding them out, he smiled to his Dad.

“Wan’ one?” He asked mouth full. Shaking his head, Draco smiled as he reached out and tried to straighten out Scorpius hair, to no avail. Sitting up, he shook his head.

“No thank you,” Getting to his feet, Draco headed toward his closet to try to figure out what he should wear. As he stood there, watching over his son over his shoulder with the mirror on his right, Draco couldn’t help but feel a small bit of failure. That failure was in providing a family that was loving and caring for his son. Granted, he hadn’t been the one that cheated. Astoria had betrayed their…family if you wanted to call it that and Draco had promised himself that when they were married and especially when they found out Astoria was pregnant, he was going to make sure that his son had a different upbringing then he had had.

Draco never hated his life, Lucius and Narcissa had always taken care of him and cared for him. But the way that they cared was the way they were accustomed to. He’d always been closer with his mother than his father because, in Draco’s mind, Lucius always had given Draco unreachable standards, especially with the pressure of joining Lord Voldemort. Some of those prejudices were still ingrained in Draco’s mind, that’s why he married Astoria, marrying a pureblood guaranteed that he would inherit the Malfoy fortune. Most that thought of Draco Malfoy and the reasons he did things, would’ve assumed that Draco only wanted the money to put himself above others, but his beliefs and priorities had changed since that day at Hogwarts when Harry had defeated Lord Voldemort.

Now, he worked with the Ministry of Magic as an Auror and actually spent time protecting Muggles from those that actually tried to bring back the Dark Arts. He could find himself sometimes slipping into the old mindset, and to be honest, he still really disliked Harry sometimes but he had a respect for him, after all, Harry’d come back for him the night that Crabbe died. He still didn’t have to like the bugger though.

“Dad?” Scorpius interrupted him by pulling at his hand. Glancing down, Draco noticed Scorpius had finished the cookies and had jumped off the bed. “Can I bring my broom?”

“Your broom?”

“Uh-huh,” Scorpius nodded, “GrandMum took me to Diagon Alley yesterdays.” Draco sighed, laughing a little as he shook his head. He’d have to have a talk with Mum later on, but at the same time, seeing the smile on his face…

“Yes, you can. But you’re going to ask permission to ride around their home before you just jump on, understand?” Scorpius nodded, “Now go get ready.”

“Okay,” Scorpius smiled, running toward the door before he stopped and ran back, wrapping his arms around Draco’s leg and giving it a tight squeeze before running off to his room. Draco felt his chest tighten a second. How often had he really been hugged like that? Not that he needed it…


“He’s not coming.”

“Excuse me?”

“He’s not allowed.”

“And just who are you to say who’s allowed in Mum’s house?”

“I’m her son, that’s who.”

“Well, Ronald, your Mum invited him and you’ll have to deal with the fact that he is coming and he’s bringing his son.”

“Well, Ginevra, I’m telling you that he’s not coming and there’s no way in hell he’s bringing that spawn of his.” Ron replied, crossing his arms as he shook his head. Hermione, standing off to the side with a look of disgust on her face shook her head as she looked toward her husband. Ginny rolled her eyes.

“You’ve got to be kidding me.”

“No, I’m not actually. Draco Malfoy has never been and will never be welcome in my house.” Ron said.

“Oh really?” A voice cut in before Ginny could reply. Ron immediately turned a bit red around the tips of his ears as he turned to look over his shoulder. There, standing in the doorway of her home stood the matriarch of the Weasley household, Molly Weasley.

“Hi, Mum.” Ron murmured.

“Oh, hello, Ronald,” Molly started. “I don’t believe I heard my son correctly because I think I heard you say that Draco Malfoy would never be welcome in my house, now you didn’t really say that did you?”

“Well, see that’s the thing, Mu-”

“Ronald. Weasley.” Molly said, not yelling for once but her tone stern. Stepping into the house, the door shut behind her without a single touch and it shut with a loud thud. Ron winced as both Hermione and Ginny moved toward the other room, though Ginny tried to keep watching despite Hermione’s attempts to pull her away.

“Mu-” Ron tried as Molly raised a hand.

“Not a word Ronald,” she started, “What have I taught you? Have you learned nothing?” She asked. Ron paused, licking his lips a moment as he waited to see if he was allowed to answer. Molly continued, “We have never been a family that denies someone else. We have never been a family that looks down on someone else and here you stand, in my home saying that someone that I’ve invited to come to Christmas is not allowed? Who the bloody hell do you think you are?” The tips of Ron’s ears were red, and his face soon matched with the embarrassment he felt, being scolded by his mother in front of everyone. Just then, the door opened and George and Angelina walked in, laughing with their children.

“George, Angelina!” Ron broke out.

“You’ll talk to them later, Ronald,” Molly smiled toward her son and his wife and her grandchildren before she pointed toward the kitchen area. George and Angelina looked down before ushering their children toward the kitchen. When they were finally gone, Molly turned back toward Ron. “Let me tell you something, Ronald Weasley,” she shook her head, “This family never has and never will look down on someone and this family forgives. Draco did some things that he regrets. His family did some things that we cannot understand why they did them, but the bottom line is, they’ve paid for their mistakes. And never, and I repeat never will you be allowed to determine who comes into my home, because if you do, you will not be allowed here.”

“But Mum,” Molly held up her hand, cutting Ron off.

“End of discussion. Now,” she smiled, “Where are all my grandchildren?” She called out, laughing as they all came rushing back into the living room to give her a hug. Ginny walked out, a small smile on her face as she had her arms crossed and Ron turned toward her, shrugging.

“Sorry,” he mumbled to her.

“Don’t apologize to me,” Ginny said, “Apologize to him.” She added, just as Draco appeared in the doorway, his son just to his side. Clearing his throat, Draco waited at the entrance of the Burrow while Scorpius waved and held a broom to his side. Everyone seemed to grow quiet as Draco glanced between all of them and he just smiled.

“Hi!” Scorpius exclaimed, waving.

“Well hello,” Molly smiled as she walked up toward Draco and Scorpius holding her arms out toward Scorpius, “You must be the youngest little Malfoy.”

“Uh-uh,” he said softly, “I’m Scorpius.” Molly laughed as she shook her head and knelt down as she held her arms out.

“Well, Scorpius Malfoy, come give me a hug, it’s a pleasure to meet you.” Glancing up toward Draco, Scorpius waited to see his Dad’s reaction before moving to wrap his arms around her and give her a tight hug. When Draco gave him a gentle push and Scorpius hugged her, Draco’s gaze moved from Molly and his son toward Ginny, who had made her way up toward them.

“Hi,” she murmured.

“Hello,” He replied, caught off guard suddenly when Molly stood up and pulled her into his arms.

“It’s good to see you, Draco,” Molly said, affectionately cupping his cheek as she gave it a small tap. “How’s everything?”

“Good, Mrs. Weasley,” he smiled, his eyes warm toward her, “Do you need any help with anything?” Molly raised a brow.

“Can you cook?”

“No, ma’am.”

“Then I suggest you just make yourself comfortable then,” she laughed, shaking her head as she looked back down to Scorpius, “And you, young Scorpius, you and that broom of yours had best take it outside so you can practice. I bet there’s a few kids out there that will be wantin’ to play with you.” Scorpius grinned and tugged at Draco’s shirt.

“Can I Daddy?” He asked.

“Yes,” Draco murmured, “Just be careful and remember what we talked about.” He added, giving Scorpius one of those ‘fatherly’ looks. Nodding, Scorpius smiled as he took off on a run with the broom in his hand toward the backyard. Draco took a second, still holding a couple bags in his hands as he looked toward the rest of the ‘adults’ in the living room. “Mrs. Weasley?” He asked, walking in the room a little room.

“Call me Molly, Draco, and yes?”

“This is for you, for…for inviting Scorpius and I.”

“Oh you didn’t,” Molly started, shaking her head as Draco held out a bag for her and insisted she take it. “You really shouldn’t…oh really…” she trailed off, taking the bag as she started to pull things out. “Oh Celestina’s newest!” She exclaimed, taking out a record, “Ginny, dear look!” Molly grinned blushing a little as she pulled out a small card, “What…” Opening the card, she read and immediately, Molly’s eyes began to tear up. Biting her lip, she looked down as she shook her head a moment, “No, Draco,” She murmured.

“Mrs. Weasley, Molly…I insist.”

“Mum?” Ginny asked, looking from Draco to her mother with a confused expression. “Mum, what is it?” Taking the card from her mother’s hands, Ginny started to read over the information on it and a slow smile appeared on her face.

“You got Mum a house elf?” Ginny asked.

“A free, meaning not a servant but free to make their own decisions and gets paid, house elf,” Draco said, glancing in Hermione’s direction after knowing of her hatred for the house elf policies of the past. “There are of course, some out there that still wish to follow the old rules, but I figured…what with things changing…”

“Yes, but Draco it’s too much.”

“I don’t see it as that at all, Molly,” he interrupted. “You’re still young, why not have someone that can assist you so that you can play with your grandchildren more?” He asked, a smirk crossing his face as he knew Molly really couldn’t argue with that.

“Don’t you think you think it’s a tad expensive?” Ron cut in. Hermione hit him lightly on the arm. Turning toward him, Draco shook his head.

“Not really,” He said, not even bothering to use Ron’s name. Meeting his gaze, Draco kept his arms crossed, “I only spent a few galleons on your Mum, but if you figure that’s too much…” Trailing off, he smirked, “Then I left it to your Mum to decide if she wants to keep the services, if she does, it’s got a small payment plan of a few knuts and a sickle each month. I merely paid the startup fee.”

Ron’s ears were a tad pink as he shook his head, “Yeah, well, whatever.”

“Just shut your face, Ron, and be happy for your Mum,” Ginny replied, walking up toward Draco and Molly, watching her mother turn toward Draco.

“You’re a wonderful young man,” Molly said softly, “You’ve made some…choices that I haven’t quite agreed with, but still, you’ve made yourself a great young man.” Leaning up, Molly kissed his cheek before she turned toward Ron, “Come, Ronald, you can help me with some of the dishes with your brothers.” Ron grumbled a moment but followed his mother as Draco smiled, glancing down as he turned toward Ginny.

“You’re quiet an amazing young man,” Ginny laughed a little, mocking her mother a bit when she was out of earshot. Draco raised a brow as he watched her walk toward him, smiling a moment.

“Well, my Mother did do her best,” Draco replied, “How are you?” He asked.

“I’m good,” Ginny replied, tilting her head as she met his gaze. “I’m glad you came,” she whispered.

“Me too,” Draco murmured, “Thank you for the invitation,” he added, as he turned his gaze upward, before turning to watch Ginny’s reaction. As Ginny glanced up and smiled a second, seeing a batch of mistletoe appeared above them. She saw his wand and she raised a brow.

“Sneaky,” she whispered.

“Mm,” he said, reaching out a moment as he pulled her closer to him as he leaned in and kissed her gently. Slowly, she reached up to wrap her arms around his shoulders as she pulled him a bit closer. The two of them continued, their bodies moving closer to one another.

“Be careful of the nargles,” a soft, whispery voice cut in.

“Luna,” Another voice interjected, almost a scold but not, just one of patience.

“Sorry,” Luna murmured as she glanced between Draco and Ginny, “Did we interrupt?” She asked, a small smile appearing across her face as she turned toward Harry, “Harry, love,” she whispered, “I think we’ve come across a private moment.” Harry smiled a bit as he glanced down a second.

“Ah, yeah,” he muttered a second as he put his hand against the small of Luna’s back, “Should we leave them to it?” He asked, meeting Ginny’s gaze a second.

“No, actually,” Luna cut in, “I think Draco should help me with the gifts,” She looked from Draco, to Ginny, then back to Harry, “And you should talk with Ginny.” Harry raised a brow, shaking his head a moment.

“What? Luna,” he sighed, “That’s not really…needed,”

“Nevermind what it is that you think is needed,” Luna interrupted him, staring toward him, “Trust me,” she whispered, leaning up, she kissed his cheek. Then, running her hand gently along her stomach, which was a bit round with her pregnancy.

“Expecting again?” Draco said, trying to break the awkward feeling between all of them as he moved to allow Luna inside.

“You’re very perceptive, Draco,” Luna smiled, “It’s a pleasure to see you here, though.”

“You too, Luna,” he replied, offering his arm to her. As she slide her arm into the crook of his, she tilted her head to the side.

“Can I tell you a secret?” she whispered.


“Harry doesn’t know it yet, but I’m having a girl. I hope to name her Lily,” Luna paused, glancing down.

“How do you know?” He asked softly.

“Because,” she smiled a very Luna-like smile, “I forgot to put lemon in my tea.” She looked back up to Draco, who, instead of saying some remark merely smiled at her.

“Seems like a good enough reason,” he replied. Nodding, Luna and he walked toward the next room and disappeared to say hello to everyone, while Harry stayed in the doorway. A cool breeze came in through the door and Ginny shivered.

“C’mon in, it’s cold outside,” she said, gently pulling Harry in by his jacket as she glanced outside before closing the door, “Where are James and Albus?” she asked.

“Round back,” he replied, “Saw someone on their broom, who I can now assume is Scorpius,” Harry said, slowly undoing his jacket. He sighed, taking it off. “Look, Ginny,”

“No, stop, Harry,” she said, putting her hand up.

“Luna,” He tried.

“You never stop, do you?” Ginny asked, staring down at the ground with her arms crossed with a small frown.

“Stop what?”

“Trying to fix things for people,” she murmured. Harry frowned, adjusting his glasses a moment as he sighed.

“Ginny, it’s not that,”

“Harry, its okay,” she said softly, “I understand. You and me? We had our thing at Hogwarts, but it was a different time,” Ginny sighed, pushing back any of the tears that she could, “You fell in love with Luna.”

“I never,” Harry started, sighing a second, “I never stopped loving you, Ginny.” Ginny laughed a little, shaking her head as she wiped away some tears.

“God, that makes it even worse, Harry,” she whispered, “I mooned over you and loved you for years, and here, I thought it would be you and I that were married. You and I that would be naming our children after family,” she stopped, “I’m okay with the fact that you love Luna. She’s been a wonderful wife and mother and she’s amazing as it is. How could you not love her? But please, don’t tell me you still love me. Not like that.”

“No,” he sighed, “It’s so much more complicated than that,” Harry said softly.

“It can’t be more complicated than that,” Ginny interrupted, “You’re with Luna.”

“Yes, I know, and I’m not implying otherwise but Ginny?” He reached out, brushing a tear away from her face, “Ginny, you were my first. And you never forget your first,” he paused, “You’re happy now?” He asked, implying as he nodded his head a moment toward the way Draco and Luna had gone.

“I…” Ginny started, “I really don’t know,” she murmured.

“Take your time, Ginny,” Harry murmured, “And if it is Draco?” He paused, looking down a second, “As much as I wouldn’t have liked it in the past, his mother saved me that night in the forest and Draco…he’s a good man.” Ginny laughed a little as she tried to shake her head.

“You’re too much, you know that Harry?” She asked softly.

“Yeah, I get told that,” he laughed a little, joining her as he reached out and pulled her close in a hug. “You take care of yourself either way though, yeah?” He asked, “And if he hurts you, I’ll have no problem cursing the dunderhead.” Ginny laughed, hitting Harry lightly as she hugged him back tightly.

“It’ll be interesting,” she murmured. Harry pulled back a second.

“What do you mean?”

“Having you as a brother,” she smirked, “It’ll be interesting.”

“Oh shut it,” he replied, hitting her gently as he wrapped his arm around her shoulders,

“Let’s go eat, shall we?” Nodding, the two of them walked together, his arm around her shoulder, her arm around his waist as they both walked into the kitchen area to join the rest of the family.


Draco gently laid Scorpius down in his bed, brushing his son’s hair to the side as he pulled the blanket over him. Smiling, Draco watched over him a few moments, waving his hand a moment as he dimmed the lights in the room. Scorpius had brought himself to exhaustion, so much so that Molly insisted that Draco keep the gifts from the family there at their home until they could send them to Draco’s home by owl or until Draco and Scorpius could come back. He really didn’t know what to think, especially with the treatment both he and his son received while at the Burrow.

While he was there, Draco had gone outside to check on his son while dessert was getting put together. After the family had eaten, all the children headed outside to play a small game of quidditch and since Scorpius, Hermione and Ron’s daughter Rose, and Harry and Luna’s sons James and Albus were all playing and were only six and seven years old, the family enchanted the bludgers to make them soft, so when they did hit someone, it wouldn’t actually hurt them. Leaning forward against the fence, Draco took a moment, smiling as he watched his son laughing and flying around as he tried to find the snitch, it made him proud that Scorpius was selected as the Seeker.

“You know if you hurt Ginny, I will hurt you,” a voice said behind Draco, moving closer toward him. Draco glanced to his side and smirked as he shook his head, seeing Harry.

“Shouldn’t you hurt yourself then, Potter?” Draco asked.

“Perhaps,” Harry nodded, “But there’s no reason for her to be hurt even more than what I caused,” he added.

“You don’t intimidate me, Harry,” Draco was quick to add, “You never did.”

“I’m not trying to, Draco. I’m done fighting with people but I will, especially if they hurt my family.” Draco laughed, shaking his head.

“Any other words of advice?” Draco asked.

“Yeah, don’t let her go if you mean to keep her in your life,” Harry murmured. Draco nodded, looking away from Harry as the two of them stood there, an awkward silence between them.

“So you figure that the Chudley Cannon’s will make it to the finals this year?” Draco asked. Harry laughed.

“God I hope so, or we’ll never hear the end of it from Ron,” he replied. Both men laughed, shaking their heads

Remembering the conversation actually made Draco laugh but he kept it quiet as he glanced back down to Scorpius to check on him a last time before walking out of his son’s room, shutting the door quietly behind him. With a small sigh, Draco rubbed his face with his hands as he shut his eyes a few moments, leaning against the wall. He was tired, and it was only because it seemed like spending an evening with the Weasley family did that to you, because it was a whirlwind of excitement and chaos.

He took a second, took a deep breath and walked down the hall and downstairs toward his office. He had a few things he wanted to look over and as he walked into the office, he paused, noticing his chair was turned in the wrong way. Immediately, he pulled out his wand.

“Who are you?” he growled. A soft giggle, caused Draco to raise a brow and lower his wand a moment.

“You’re really going to use that on me?” A soft voice murmured, turning the chair, Draco’s concern on his face wiped away as he noticed Ginny, wearing her cloak.

“No,” he said, “But you should know not to sneak into my home,” he warned.

“That’s your fault for lowering your securities,” Ginny replied, leaning back a second, “You had your spells that wouldn’t allow anyone in here, and yet I slip in with no problem.”

“Maybe I wanted you to sneak in and take advantage of me,” Draco teased, laughing a second as he crossed his arms after tucking his wand into his pocket. He watched her as she leaned forward, getting out of the chair as she walked up toward him, keeping her cloak closed. “What are you doing here, anyway?” he asked, raising a brow.

“I came to see you,” she whispered.

“Yeah?” he asked.

“Yeah,” she replied, licking her lips a second as she tilted her head to meet his gaze, “Should I go?” She asked, turning to leave the office. Draco reached up and gently grasped her arm to stop her.

“Not what I said, Weasley,” he whispered. “You stay here,” Ginny smiled a little, reaching up, she unhooked a button of his shirt.

“I was hoping you’d say that,” she replied. As Draco glanced down, he reached under her cloak and wrapped his arms around her waist as he pulled her close.

“Oh?” he asked. Nodding, Draco leaned forward and kissed her head gently, “I wouldn’t hurt you,” Draco whispered, “But I’m not going to let you in my life if this is just you going in for kicks,” He shook his head, “I won’t do it. Not with Scorpius.” Ginny nodded, raising a brow as she looked up to him.

“Is that what you think I’m doing?” She murmured.

“Why else would you sleep with Draco Malfoy?” He questioned. Ginny smiled, gently, she reached up and brushed his hair from his face. There were times like this, father and son looked identical, but the father had been hurt and jaded.

“Because you’re amazing in the sack?” Ginny teased. Draco smiled, shaking his head before he nodded.

“That I am, but Ginny? I’m not joking,” he whispered, “I’ll let you use me till your done with me, but I won’t let you come in here like this, not when my son has been going through the shit life that is around him right now.” She frowned a moment, tilting her head to the side as she watched him.

“Astoria, again?” She asked softly. As Draco nodded, Ginny shook her head, “What’s she trying to do now?”

“Nevermind it,” he whispered, “But I will not allow you around him.” Ginny smiled as she reached up and cupped his face with her hands.

“Draco?” She murmured, “I asked Mum to invite you.”

“What?” Draco asked, raising a brow.

“I asked Mum to invite you to the Burrow,” Ginny repeated, “Because,” she sighed, glancing down, “Because I don’t know what else to say other than I’ve come to care about you and I tried to think that I could just do the friends with benefits thing, where I just go in for a good time and leave when I want but I’ve…” she stopped, looking away.

“I’ve gotten comfortable,” Draco finished for her, smiling a little as he laughed softly. Ginny bit her lip, nodding as she looked up toward him.

“I’m a glutton for punishment, dating a Slytherin,” she smirked.

“And I’m not?” He asked, raised brow, “A fucking Gryffindor,” he shook his head, “C’mere,” he laughed, leaning in as he kissed her, pulling her hard against him. Ginny’s arms wrapped around him as she kissed him back and Draco pushed her gently against the door, shutting it.
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sgt_majorettesgt_majorette on December 30th, 2011 04:45 am (UTC)

I'm a total canon whore, but I'm open to a good Draco/Ginny. Oh, alright, this is the first good one I've actually found...
Kristina: Hee!Boostarrydreaming on December 30th, 2011 08:23 pm (UTC)
Thank you! That is a huge compliment because I too, am usually, a canon whore but I do have my guilty pleasures :) but to know this is the FIRST one you've found that you feel is good? Total compliment and beyond! So thanks!